2014 was a big year for me. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s some pictures from my 2014!


It was full of ice castles, shows at the Velour, Polynesian dance, and fun with friends.

IMG_4278 IMG_4642 IMG_4652

IMG_4296 IMG_4808



Spring was at home. Rachel came to visit. Sweetlife happened. Elvira and I campaigned in Kentucky. I went to Disney with Mom. I had some very important s’mores.

IMG_4918 IMG_5082

IMG_5343 IMG_5021

IMG_5445 IMG_5261


London. My girls. Richard Armitage. Ice Bucket Challenge.

IMG_5771 IMG_5864 IMG_6080

IMG_6584 IMG_7451

IMG_7807 IMG_7783 IMG_7042


The number of cute couple pictures increases exponentially. Sophomore year started! New roommates, new friends, new research projects. More Mitch and medical emergencies. Arizona and Women in Politics pow-wows!

Alex1 IMG_7953 IMG_8010

donutfalls7 IMG_8022

IMG_8399 IMG_8708


IMG_8377 IMG_8775 IMG_8981

IMG_8972 IMG_8837

IMG_8736 IMG_8438  IMG_5155

I have been extremely blessed. 2014 has been such a great period of growth and fun. Here’s to a productive and exciting 2015!


And Thus We See

I love London. It is a city full of life — vibrant, bustling, soothingly cacophonous. There are people of every shape and color. I love it. People talk over one another, all trying to be heard at the same moment. They move in a piece of artwork; they constantly flow around and by each other, interacting with space. There is a rhythm to the city. The beat is kept by the regular changing of traffic lights. The roar of cars are the bass and the horns are melody. It cannot be contained. It is a upbeat dance at Westminster and Trafalgar, and a romantic waltz in Kensington Gardens and right along the Thames at night. There is something magical about the history, art, and passion. Don’t just trust me. Go see for yourself.   

 London BYU Summer 20141London living, Summer 2014

Just a Couple Shots to Share

The last few days on the program were crazy. We had been travelling all week, and finals were fast approaching. That doesn’t mean we stopped enjoying the City!

We visited the Tower of London again, which currently has an incredible WWI memorial. There are 800,000+ red poppies. Each one represents a life taken during the Great War.

IMG_7628 IMG_7618 

We got to see 39 Steps! It was hysterical. Totally funny — and clean! The cast of four plays over a 100 roles in the 2 hour show. I highly recommend it.


We also had our last Sunday in our wonderful ward. We had our bad days, but overall I loved being a part of the primary. The kids were so sweet when sending us off. I’ll always remember my calling in the ward as a highlight of my experience in London.

IMG_7583 IMG_7600


That night, we had a powerful sharing meeting. It wasn’t really a testimony meeting, but it was an opportunity for people to express their thoughts at the end of the program. It was almost two and a half hours long, but it didn’t feel like that. We had really become a family over the course of the summer. It’s amazing what throwing 47 people in a house together can do. (I think the crazy long coach rides helped too.)

Monday we had finals. We knocked them out in the morning, and then had the rest of the day to ourselves. It was mostly spent packing. It was a good weekend. Even while studying all the way through it. :)



Brighton Beach Babes

I loved Brighton. Like, “I want to go back there on vacation” loved it. It might just have been because of the fabulous company I was blessed with. I’m not going to say anything more. Just enjoy these pictures:

IMG_7340 IMG_7439 IMG_7535

IMG_7451 IMG_7419

IMG_7446 IMG_7515


IMG_7355 IMG_7410


IMG_7509 IMG_7500

We had tons of fun and laughs and terrible pictures that I’m not sharing. (Sorry.) Our hotel that you see above was built in 1559, and it was a REALLY nice place. Our group was split between two hotels, and we definitely got the better end of the deal. The fictional Lydia Bennett might have stayed in our hotel! (#nerdalert)

The pier was very Sovereign Light Café. Let me just leave that here for you…

Brighton was everything I wanted it to be. It was a fabulous last outing in England.

My Canterbury Tales

I’m here! I promise! Sorry I haven’t been posting. This week has been ridiculous. We had a day trip Monday, an overnight trip Wednesday-Thursday, and multiple homework assignments due before today. I’ve made it though! We did have a lot of fun this week.

Monday, we visited Dover and Canterbury. We explored Dover Castle before checking out the white cliffs. I didn’t know very much about Dover Castle before going there, so it was interesting to learn more. It also has a really neat WWI and WWII history, so you should check that out if you’re curious. Of course, the white cliffs were beautiful.

IMG_7055 IMG_7210

We also had a bit of fun.

IMG_7061 IMG_7179

I think I’m ready for power. I rock that throne. (I even have enemies!) I don’t want to have power for power’s sake. That doesn’t make any sense. But I think I could handle responsibility. I felt that way walking through the Houses of Parliament too. I was strutting down the stairs in the man hall and it hit me: “I could totally do this.” I just have some big dreams, and I think I could make a difference in this crazy world.

ANYWAY. That got a little heavier than I was anticipating. We left Dover and made our way to Canterbury. It was a trek made by pilgrims throughout history. I was able to walk (read: ride a coach) in their footsteps. We stopped at St. Augustine’s Abbey (or what is left of it). It’s not St. Augustine of Hippo, mind you. This is another St. Augustine. Of Canterbury. Yup. I don’t know everything about Anglican saints. I’ll have to look it up.


IMG_7265 IMG_7259

We might have had just a little bit too much fun in the ruins of a crypt. You know. Once you start living in history, it ceases being something to stare at and becomes part of your present. When I see historical sights here (so like, hundreds of years old), I just want to explore. No more staying on the sidewalk. It’s awesome that you’re able to interact with the sights here. They want you to explore! I think nothing honors the past more than it becoming part of someone’s life today.

Then we went to the cathedral. I visited Canterbury Cathedral. (!!) I’m still freaking out a little bit. There was such a strong and peaceful spirit inside. It was so interesting. I loved it. Talk about the human experience.


“Yet do not miss the moral, my good men.
For Saint Paul says that all that’s written well
Is written down some useful truth to tell.
Then take the wheat and let the chaff lie still.”
― Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

Platform 9 and 3/4

I left for Hogwarts today. I had my books, robes, Ravenclaw garb, owl, wand, and all. I headed over to King’s Cross station and found platform 9 and 3/4. (It’s important to take it at a bit of a run.)


I also met Hermione Granger! It was really cool to see her there…

IMG_7025 IMG_7027 IMG_7031

(She was very excited to be recognized for who she is — a powerful, capable girl!)

Three of my best friends and I were leaving together. We are all in different houses, so we people think we’re super cute. Well, what can I say?


Me and my witches.

Inter-house friendships are so fun! It keeps life interesting. Intra-house friendships are great too. Hogwarts is just the best.

In other news, I have one more weekend here in London. I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. This has been a magical experience!

Just a Song (or Two)

Man, they are incredible.


Wait. Here’s another one.


First Aid Kit, ladies and gentlemen.


I think my teenage angst translated into adoring beautiful folk music about life, love, and loss. I’m not complaining. They’re amazing.

IMG_5383 IMG_5374

I saw them live in DC back in June. It was a dream.



This past week, some of us went to BBC Proms. We went to an evening of Mozart, Jonathan Dove, and company. The music was incredible, and it was at Royal Albert Hall, which was a dream.

IMG_6825 However, the people around us were some of the strangest people I have ever seen in my life. For example, there was a sharply dressed man with a Victorian mustache and a teddy bear. This is a grown man with a teddy bear at RAH. Not only did he bring it, it participated in conversation, and he put it up between the bars so it could see. It was very interesting. That is just one of the many people who were at the prom. It was an experience!

The Isle of Wight

What a lovely day we had. I understand why the Beatles were interested in a summer cottage there (if it’s not too dear, of course). We woke up early and rode our coach to Portsmouth. Once there, we rode onto a ferry and got off the coach to enjoy the sunshine. We have had very un-English weather for our trip, but it was perfect for a ferry ride.

IMG_6839 IMG_6841

Once we docked, we boarded the coach again. We rolled off and headed to Carisbrooke Castle. Carisbrooke is where Charles I was held prisoner before his execution. It’s too bad that it has such a sad history — it’s beautiful!

IMG_6843 IMG_6852


After Carisbrooke, we made our way over to Osbourne House. It was the vacation home of one of my favorite couples and their family. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert would take their family to Osbourne to be able to raise their children more normally. However, there is nothing normal about this house. It’s GORGEOUS.

IMG_6862 IMG_6865

Albert even had a miniature house, garden, and fort built for the children to learn and play in. It was darling.

IMG_6868 IMG_6870

They also had a private beach. That was beautiful as well, but my camera focused on what’s important.



No really. It was worth it. Strawberry and chocolate ice cream, meringue, whipped cream, and strawberry sauce. Incredible.

We then had a relaxing ferry trip back to Portsmouth and a long drive back to London. It was a blast.