Summer Nights

…and days. This summer was spent in Provo. Alex changed his major to construction management (which is PERFECT for him. It’s just enough business and just enough engineering). This meant we had to spend time here while he caught up on classes. I worked with two professors as an RA and was a TA for POLI 201 for Spring. We also got to spend time getting to know our ward — can you say “ward camp-out?” We also spent TONS of time outside. It was a wonderful summer!



I’m grateful for opportunities to travel and explore new cultures. Mexico was an incredible experience. It’s so colorful and lively! We went to Puerto Vallarta in western Mexico for Thanksgiving. We stayed in a lovely little condo in the heart of town. I like being able to live with the locals when I travel. Staying in a resort that caters to Americans is basically like staying in America. As much as possible, I like to see what it’s like for the average person in that city. Alex is really good at this too — he is able to have conversations with every taxi driver, waiter, and tour guide about what their reality is. We always leave having made friends!


While we were there, we got to go on some adventures. We went zip-lining through the jungle, climbed up waterfalls, rode donkeys, snorkeled, kayaked, and swam in perfect 80 degree water. We also got to see a performance that drew from traditional Mexican and Indigenous dance forms. The costumes were BEAUTIFUL too.

We are so blessed to have spent time in a country that is so welcoming and warm. The streets are full of music and art. The scenery is insane. I can’t wait to SCUBA in Puerto Vallarta. The wild life is wild! There are jungles and beaches to explore. Here’s to future adventures in Mexico!

Anxiously Engaged

We got engaged in March 2015. What a day it was. I was NOT expecting a proposal, so it was very spontaneous and romantic for me. We did get some incredible engagements taken by the wonderful Lauren Vand Photo, who also took my header photo. We spent some time on Main Street in Park City, UT — the home of Sundance and skiers extraordinaire. Check out the photos and then check out Lauren’s other work. She is super talented and if you’re looking for a photog in the Salt Lake area, she’s your gal.

_MG_5579 _MG_5677

_MG_5571 _MG_5592


_MG_5844 _MG_5700

_MG_5826 _MG_5661

Can you tell I love him? And it’s only gotten better.

I never thought I’d be such a young bride, but when a guy like Alex comes along… Well, we’re married now, so I guess he convinced me!

The Majority

This summer I had an internship at an undisclosed political organization. I worked on data analysis — mostly compiling data sets of voter and census data. I learned a lot, but I got to have some adventures as well. I met lots of cool people with amazing connections. I got to wander through government building like I was supposed to be there. I took tours, went to baseball games, and got “mad scientist” with some great co-interns. “Go east, young man, and be a congressional staffer working crazy hours at low wages.” Somehow, it manages to be a siren song. I don’t understand why, but I totally get it.

IMG_0437 IMG_0436 IMG_0939

IMG_0389 IMG_0834 IMG_0887

IMG_0921 IMG_0902

IMG_0967 IMG_0971

It wouldn’t be an accurate DC post without some nod to the Metro. WOO. Delay, hold, single-tracking, off-loading — I can’t say anymore without shuddering. Commuting seventeen stops twice a day on the red line was DEFINITELY an adventure.

IMG_0900 IMG_0804 IMG_0896

Still, it was an amazing experience. I mean, look at these people. We can definitely win a majority, amiright?


“Hiltah Head”

I was working all summer, but I was able to slip away for more than a weekend at one point. I am so glad I did. Hilton Head, South Carolina is one of my favorite places in this world. Besides just being heaven, it means a lot to my family and I. One more little family vacay before I got married was just what we all needed. It included the stock activities — trip to eat in Savannah, mini golf where we all get WAY too competitive, Mellow Mushroom pizza (it tastes the best in Hilton Head), pool by the marsh, beach, pool by the beach, San Miguel’s, cheerwine, the outlet mall, naps in the sun and the resulting sunburn. I also got to spend some time with Brother Dos who was gone most of the summer. It was a classic family vacation. I know what my eternity is going to be like — happy times with happy people (and palm trees, of course).

IMG_0704 IMG_0706 IMG_0707

IMG_0723 IMG_0730

IMG_0727 IMG_0726 IMG_0739


Two of my faves tied the knot this summer — and I got to be there! My lovely lady McKay (from my many many MANY London posts) found a great guy and they sealed the deal. I flew out to Utah for less than 48 hours to be a part of the celebrations. I would not recommend such a short trip again. I spent almost as much time traveling as I did actually there! But it was totally worth it. It started with a great afternoon bachelorette party. Melissa made AMAZING food and the decor was too cute. We had a wonderful time, and our bride-to-be was practically GLOWING.


The next day SHE GOT MARRIED. They had a beautiful sealing in one of my favorite temples. I am still so honored that I was able to be a part of their incredible day. #timeandalleternity


McKay also assembled one of the greatest squads ever. Like, #lookouttaylor good. She says she can count her friends on her hands, but when I met all of them, I realized why she didn’t feel like she needed more. They are all amazing people!

 tykay1 tykay2

Their reception was beautiful. It was a perfect spring day and it was a perfect celebration of two people I love.

IMG_0646 IMG_0650 IMG_0642


I love you, girl. Thanks for including me in your day.


108 Days

There were 108 days between when we got engaged and our marriage. We spent most of those days working hard at our respective jobs. But not all of them. It was 108 great days. 108 long days. 108 memorable days.


It started with a road trip. Three days across the country — fast food, every song we know, and way too many sleeping pictures (none will be posted, thank you). Three days on the road meant two nights in hotels. The front desk employees were always confused as to why we asked for two hotel rooms for one couple. “uhh, yes two rooms please. No we don’t mean two beds. Nope, no guests coming. Just us. Yup. Thank you.”

IMG_0380 IMG_0346 IMG_0364

Alex turned 23! We had a weekend extravaganza — food, family, and freedom (a stretch?)! We went to the Melting Pot and Antietam Battlefield. Turns out Alex is a battlefield fan! We learned that Antietam had the highest casualties of any one day of any American war with almost 23,000 deaths at the battle. We also learned that Alex enjoys fondue — especially when it involves steak!

Then I had my birthday! It was defined by a singular experience. I was endowed in the Washington DC temple. I had the opportunity to make promises to my Heavenly Father that I would live my life to a more excellent standard. In return, I received incredible promises and blessings that have already changed me and my life. I was joined by my parents, Alex, my former seminary teacher and a dear former young women’s leader. I love the temple and I love that I was able to go to temple so much during the summer!


BETHANY CAME TO VISIT. My lifelong friend made a pit stop in DC on her way back from sky-diving in Australia and bungee-jumping in New Zealand to spend Mother’s Day with us. She left a few weeks later for her full-time mission in Cebu, so I was SO grateful to see her — even for just a day.


Alex started working as soon as we got back from school. He was working HARD. Like, hardhat hard. He built a building. Not by himself, but HE BUILT A BUILDING. HOW COOL IS THAT. This was said building at the beginning of the summer.

IMG_0383 IMG_0382

Another battle field? Sure. We went to Gettysburg for Memorial Day! (After getting doughnuts, of course).

IMG_0556 IMG_0525 IMG_0577

On Father’s Day our grill exploded. That pretty much speaks for itself.

IMG_0826 IMG_0827

Our summer sounds very exciting, but this is a better representation of what happened:


There are a few other adventures, but I think that they deserve their own posts. Thanks for catching up with us!


2014 was a big year for me. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s some pictures from my 2014!


It was full of ice castles, shows at the Velour, Polynesian dance, and fun with friends.

IMG_4278 IMG_4642 IMG_4652

IMG_4296 IMG_4808



Spring was at home. Rachel came to visit. Sweetlife happened. Elvira and I campaigned in Kentucky. I went to Disney with Mom. I had some very important s’mores.

IMG_4918 IMG_5082

IMG_5343 IMG_5021

IMG_5445 IMG_5261


London. My girls. Richard Armitage. Ice Bucket Challenge.

IMG_5771 IMG_5864 IMG_6080

IMG_6584 IMG_7451

IMG_7807 IMG_7783 IMG_7042


The number of cute couple pictures increases exponentially. Sophomore year started! New roommates, new friends, new research projects. More Mitch and medical emergencies. Arizona and Women in Politics pow-wows!

Alex1 IMG_7953 IMG_8010

donutfalls7 IMG_8022

IMG_8399 IMG_8708


IMG_8377 IMG_8775 IMG_8981

IMG_8972 IMG_8837

IMG_8736 IMG_8438  IMG_5155

I have been extremely blessed. 2014 has been such a great period of growth and fun. Here’s to a productive and exciting 2015!


And Thus We See

I love London. It is a city full of life — vibrant, bustling, soothingly cacophonous. There are people of every shape and color. I love it. People talk over one another, all trying to be heard at the same moment. They move in a piece of artwork; they constantly flow around and by each other, interacting with space. There is a rhythm to the city. The beat is kept by the regular changing of traffic lights. The roar of cars are the bass and the horns are melody. It cannot be contained. It is a upbeat dance at Westminster and Trafalgar, and a romantic waltz in Kensington Gardens and right along the Thames at night. There is something magical about the history, art, and passion. Don’t just trust me. Go see for yourself.   

 London BYU Summer 20141London living, Summer 2014

Just a Couple Shots to Share

The last few days on the program were crazy. We had been traveling all week, and finals were fast approaching. That doesn’t mean we stopped enjoying the City!

We visited the Tower of London again, which currently has an incredible WWI memorial. There are 800,000+ red poppies. Each one represents a life taken during the Great War.

IMG_7628 IMG_7618

We got to see 39 Steps! It was hysterical. Totally funny — and clean! The cast of four plays over a 100 roles in the 2 hour show. I highly recommend it.


We also had our last Sunday in our wonderful ward. We had our bad days, but overall I loved being a part of the primary. The kids were so sweet when sending us off. I’ll always remember my calling in the ward as a highlight of my experience in London.

IMG_7583 IMG_7600


That night, we had a powerful sharing meeting. It wasn’t really a testimony meeting, but it was an opportunity for people to express their thoughts at the end of the program. It was almost two and a half hours long, but it didn’t feel like that. We had really become a family over the course of the summer. It’s amazing what throwing 47 people in a house together can do. (I think the crazy long coach rides helped too.)

Monday we had finals. We knocked them out in the morning, and then had the rest of the day to ourselves. It was mostly spent packing. It was a good weekend. Even while studying all the way through it. 🙂